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Finally a radio station that’s committed to the very best in soul and Indie music!  With the rise of more and more Indie Soul Artist and Music now there’s a radio station that houses this music and highlights it 24 hours a day.
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Mon - Fri                                                                    Sat

6a - 10a Soulful Expressions                               6a -7p Indie Soul Saturday’s

10a -2p Soul Solution                                             7p -9p Indie Soul Countdown

2p - 6p Indie Soul Afternoons                              Sun

6p - 9p Indie Soul Evening Express                   6a - 3p Indie Soul Sunday’s

9p - 11p Soul Cafe With Chris Clay                     3p -4p Will Downing

11p -  1a Overnite Cool Down                               4p - 12a Indie Soul Sundays

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